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Romans 9:10

"I am Christ Mandate because i believe that Jesus christ is the son of God, He died for my sins and rose on the third day, He is my lord , savior and the Bishop of my soul I am christ mandate"


"Mimi ni mamlaka ya Yesu kristo kwa sababu naamini kwamba yesu kristo ni mwana wa Mungu, Alikufa kwa ajili ya dhambi zangu na akafufuka siku ya tatu yeye ni Bwana wangu, Mwokozi na Askofu wa nafsi yangu, Mimi ni mamlaka ya yesu kristo"

We serve God of No stories which means God is the source of hope and He never disappoints. This comes through as we totally submit, depend on Him and have the urge to know Him more. We engage the word of God, prayers and ultimate faith in Him as our way of life, for the renewal of our strength, changing our negative thoughts into positive, and focus on the possibilities that will enable us to find all the blessings that God wants us to have.

The connection with God makes a person courageous, not because of the person’s status, power, authority, wealth or job position, but because of the dependability and trustworthiness of God. He is present in every situation of our life and by being so He teaches and lead us through.

To experience the goodness of God and His glory, we always need to forgive and take the misery that people throw at us and turn it into something good with God’s help. We believe all of us are expected by God to live a holy and righteous life built around our humility, praying without ceasing, holding on to Jesus’ teachings and possessing Christ-like long-suffering and patience in order to receive day by day Grace, deliverance and divine uplifting.